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Maksym Ivanchuk

Maksym Ivanchuk

Maksym Ivanchuk is one of the best plastic surgeons in Ukraine with many years of experience in the field of aesthetic surgery. The results of his plastic surgery border on real art, and patients change their perception of beauty once and for all after his reincarnations.

Over the years, Maxim Ivanchuk has managed to build his own empire of beauty, which today proudly holds the title - IVANCHUK Plastic Surgery Clinic. He has thousands of surgeries, after which his patients finally fell in love with their bodies and gained self-confidence.

As a true professional, Dr. Maxim Ivanchuk works exclusively for the result. His works attract the attention of not only Ukrainian but also foreign patients. The client's list of plastic surgeons includes representatives from more than 20 countries around the world who have approached him with their problems. The doctor undertakes even the most complex surgeries to improve their skills and help patients get rid of their congenital and acquired body defects.

Dr. Maksym Ivanchuk is the main person in the clinic, who sets the rhythm of work and charge for each patient. His operations are always distinguished by individual handwriting and skill. A plastic surgeon believes that a true professional should always set one goal - to perform operations so that they not only change the appearance of a person, but also his life.

The author's developments of the plastic surgeon and the founder of IVANCHUK clinic deserve special attention. The results of operations performed by Maksym Ivanchuk became a real example of perfection. To create his own methods, the doctor used effective innovations in aesthetic medicine. Today, he has five methods:

Liposuction of the chin with the outline of the lower chin area and the selection of the angle of youth

  • Facelifting.
  • Bonding the seam.
  • Facial modeling techniques.
  • Method of body modeling.

A plastic surgeon never stands still. He is constantly undergoing internships with the best plastic surgeons in the United States, Germany, Austria and South Korea. Maksym Ivanchuk is trying to adopt the experience of foreign specialists in order to qualitatively increase the level of plastic surgery in Ukraine.

The founder of the clinic is convinced that any plastic surgeon needs to develop at the same speed as modern technologies in the world. Therefore, his medical center is equipped with innovative equipment, which is still not available in domestic clinics. The doctor brings him from countries where the development of medicine, in particular, plastic surgery is at the forefront. Maxim Ivanchuk is personally responsible for the quality of this equipment, because the final result of any aesthetic operation depends on it.

Following the experience of foreign experts, he does everything possible to change your appearance beyond recognition and give you a new life in which there is no place for complexes and self-doubt.

The clinic is located near Kiev, in the city of Vyshneve. Thousands of foreign clients come here every month to get an unsurpassed result from the author's methods of plastic surgeon Maxim Ivanchuk. Only highly qualified and experienced professionals who care about the health and comfort of customers at the international level work here.


Clinic address

Kievskaya oblast`, g.Vishnyovoe,
ul. Vasiliya Stusa, dom 44


+38 044 357 77 77
+38 068 494 57 20