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In the pursuit of the ideal figure, women resort to any methods to get rid of unwanted fat once and for all. Especially for them, doctor Maksym Ivanchuk developed an author’s method of body modeling, which he actively uses in his plastic surgery clinic.

Do you still believe that a sporty and toned body can be obtained only as a result of constant training and strenuous exercise? Thanks to the new method of the leading Ukrainian plastic surgeon, this idea is a thing of the past.

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What is the unique method of Maxim Ivanchuk?

The author’s method of body modeling includes several different procedures. Together, they allow you to create the perfect athletic physique, which will be admired by all members of the opposite sex.

Sports liposuction of the abdomen, waist and subscapular area – the first set of procedures used in the process of body modeling. The main goal of the doctor is to remove excess fat from problem areas, from which it is impossible to get rid of yourself. Often deposits in these places occur due to genetic predisposition, improper lifestyle and lack of exercise.

Abdominoplasty is the next step in the process of body modeling. This is a difficult stage of surgery to reduce the size of the abdominal wall. When conducting the author’s modeling technique, Maxim Ivanchuk does not always make an incision of about 30-40 cm. In some cases, this procedure can be performed without visible incisions, and the final result is simply unsurpassed.

The procedure also includes a set of operations on the abdomen, waist and hips. In rarer cases, the legs and arms are affected, when excess fat needs to be removed there as well.

Maxim Ivanchuk’s unique technique is designed in such a way that each patient selects an individual set of surgical procedures. Their combination depends on age, body type and other factors. The doctor can determine the list of tasks directly at the consultation during the initial examination of the client.

The results of operations according to the surgeon’s author’s method meet all the expectations of patients. After the procedure, they get a great effect – a sporty and elastic body with perfectly drawn contours.

Body modeling by Maksym Ivanchuk is a way to change your body beyond recognition once and for all, as well as to change your life for the better.


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    Maxim Ivanchuk will examine your body and determine an individual set of procedures to improve the appearance of your body.

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    Importantto determine if you have any contraindications to the procedure.

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    Together with the doctor you will choose a convenient date of the operation. It is important that you have a few days to recover in stock.

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    On the appointed day, Maxim Ivanchuk will change your body once and for all with the help of his author's body modeling technique.

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    You need to spend a few days after the operation in the clinic so that the plastic surgeon can monitor your health.

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