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Bonding sutures in the clinic of Maxim Ivanchuk

Plastic surgery is considered successful when its effects are completely invisible, in particular when it comes to postoperative scars and scars.

Today, when planning surgery, doctors pay great attention not only to the process of the operation, but also its final result. Professionals in the field of aesthetic surgery come up with different ways to make postoperative sutures invisible and hone their skills every day. Someone uses the technique of applying unloading and cosmetic sutures, someone changes the line of the seam according to the line of skin tension to get the most natural result. And someone uses an innovative technique of gluing seams. The Maxim Ivanchuk Clinic knows about this technique not by hearsay.

Some real stories of our patients

A team of American scientists has developed a special surgical adhesive that can not only minimize the rehabilitation period, but also make all the scars invisible. It is noteworthy that this glue fully performs the function of wound healing in the shortest possible time.

The glue, which Maksym Ivanchuk specially brought from the USA to Ukraine, has no analogues in any European country today. Its unique properties can qualitatively simplify the recovery period of patients after surgery. Once on human skin, the glue forms a peel at the site of the wound, which falls off on its own within 6 weeks and leaves no traces.

Thanks to this technique, patients of Maxim Ivanchuk’s plastic surgery clinic can not worry about horrible scars and postoperative scars. Innovative glue solves all these problems, providing proper rehabilitation and no predisposition to hypertrophic scars.

Advantages of the technique of gluing seams are:

  • rapid healing;
  • no scars;
  • application in various types of plastic operations;
  • simplified rehabilitation period.

Thousands of patients of Maxim Ivanchuk’s clinic managed to experience the effect of glue on themselves. In 100% of cases, customers were incredibly satisfied with the result of its actions. Innovative suturing techniques have proven that plastic surgery does not stand still, and dreams of an unsurpassed body can come true in real life.


Name of operation Hospital stay Price
Correction of a simple scar up to 5 cm by gluing 1 day 800-1 200€
Correction of a complex post-traumatic scar up to 5 cm by gluing 1 day 800-1 600€
Mammoplasty – VIP package: suturing, gas anesthesia, 2 compression underwear, single room (implants motiva USA) 1 day 6 500€
Formation of a nipple-halo complex with gluing of a seam of 1 day 1 800€
Upper blepharoplasty with suturing 1 day 1 500 €
Plastics of the upper and lower eyelids with gluing of a seam of 1 day 3 000 €
Lifting 2/3 of the face and neck (smas) according to the Mendeleev method with gluing the seam 1 day 6 500€
Facelifting (cat’s eye) with gluing the seam 1 day 4 100 €
Plasticity of the upper lip with gluing of a seam of 1 day 1 200€
Brachioplasty (tightening of the skin of the hands) with suturing 1 day 5 800€
Otoplasty with gluing of a seam of 1 day 3 000 €


  • 1


    The plastic surgeon will tell you about the benefits of using a special glue when performing plastic surgery on your body.

  • 2


    Determine if you have any contraindications to using rapid wound healing techniques.

  • 3


    Together with the doctor you will determine the day of the procedure using the technology of gluing the seam.

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    At the appointed time, the plastic surgeon will perform the operation and treat the wounds with a special glue from the United States.

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    If you follow all the recommendations of Maxim Ivanchuk postoperative sutures will not fall apart and will remain completely invisible

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