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The chin plays an important role in the aesthetic harmony of the face, its contours are determined by the shape and position of the mandibular bone, as well as covering the soft tissues. A small “beveled back” chin is one of the most common causes of dissatisfaction with their appearance when viewed in profile. With age, there is a progressive soft tissue atrophy, a decrease in the bone mass of the mandible and a decrease in bite height. All this negatively affects the perception of the person as a whole.

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For correction of insignificant lack of volume or a dimple of a chin carrying out contour plasticity is possible. In this area, the densest fillers are used (mainly based on hyaluronic acid), which can hold the volume for as long as possible. This procedure is the best way to increase the chin, because it does not require a recovery period, is easily tolerated by patients, and the cosmetic result is manifested immediately after administration of the drug.

The effect of contouring of the chin is manifested by the formation of a clearer cervical-chin angle and proportionality of the lower third of the face, visual elongation of the neck and persists throughout the year. Then it is possible to repeat this manipulation.

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