Every woman dreams of a perfect face without a single wrinkle and crease. But, unfortunately, age changes and the wrong way of life sometimes makes this dream impossible.

 In case  the problem can not be solved with simple cosmetic procedures, plastic surgery comes to the rescue.

Modern plastic surgeons often use standard methods and procedures to combat age-related changes. The exception – Ivanchuk Maxim Sergeevich – a plastic surgeon with many years of experience in the field of aesthetic surgery. His unique author’s method of face modeling today has no analogues in Ukraine or in any of the foreign countries.


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What is the secret of the author’s method?

Facial modeling in the clinic of Maxim Ivanchuk differs in the use of a number of procedures that are comprehensively involved during plastic surgery. Thanks to these procedures, the surgeon is able to change a person’s face beyond recognition. Patients who have managed to try the technique, are delighted. This is an ideal option for those who wants to get rid of all the imperfections on the face forever, love your appearance and become more confident.

The method of face modeling by Maxim Ivanchuk consists of 15 separate procedures:

  • 5 procedures – unique author’s methods of the doctor which were developed within several years.
  • 10 procedures – standard techniques used in cosmetic facial surgery.

Each patient of the clinic undergoes a mandatory consultation with a doctor, during which he selects a list of necessary procedures. One set is provided for younger patients, and a completely different one for those who are older. Maksym Ivanchuk does not apply one set of procedures of author’s technique forall clientsl. Its main goal is to find an individual work plan to eliminate aesthetic shortcomings for each patient of the clinic.

The results of the operation according to the author’s method of face modeling are always as aesthetic as possible. With proper adherence to the surgeon’s recommendations, the rehabilitation period passes quickly and without complications. A few days after the plastic surgery, the patient wears a special bandage on his face, which promotes rapid wound healing. The final effect of facial modeling can be seen 12 months after surgery.


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    At the initial examination, the plastic surgeon will determine in which areas of the face the intervention will be performed and will create a computer model of the results of the operation.

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    Examination by other doctors and passing all the tests is the most important stage of preparation for plastic surgery.

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    On the appointed day, the plastic surgeon will perform the operation and make your face more attractive.

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    On the appointed day, the plastic surgeon will perform the operation and make your face more attractive.

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    If you follow all the doctor's recommendations, recovery is quick and painless, and Maxim Ivanchuk always stays in touch with you.

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