The author’s technique of facelift is a set of procedures developed by the doctor Maxim Ivanchuk, which are aimed at eliminating age-related changes on the face, forming a new cut of the eyes and raising the corners of the eyebrows upward. In modern plastic surgery, this procedure has no equal, because it solves several problems at once that bother the fair sex.

This technique is very popular among patients of Maxim Ivanchuk. With its help, women can easily regain their young, fresh and beautiful face in the shortest possible period of time. Most importantly, the facelift effect is long lasting and patients do not need to worry about repeating the procedure.

Some real stories of our patients

Using this author’s technique, you can modify the following parts of the face:

  • Eyes. Using the method of surgical manipulations, the doctor forms a new eye cut. As a result of the operation, a woman receives an almond-shaped incision, which especially attracts the attention of males. This shape is considered the standard of femininity due to its graceful curve and maximum proportionality.
  • Eyebrows. The procedure for lifting the corners of the eyebrows is very popular nowadays. With its help, they create the effect of large and expressive eyes, as well as get rid of age-related changes (for example, drooping eyebrows).
  • Upper and middle third of the face. The lifting of the middle and upper third of the face allows you to eliminate the external signs of aging: expression wrinkles, sagging cheeks, nasolabial folds.

Thanks to the latest technologies and many years of experience, doctors manage to radically change the patient’s appearance, eliminating imperfections and imperfections on the face without the formation of scars and scars. Facelift is a unique technique of Maxim Ivanchuk, with the help of which you can restore the elasticity of the face, give it a more youthful look, correct sagging and smooth wrinkles.

Recovery after surgery is quick and painless. For the first 4-5 days, the patient must wear a special bandage. Please note that the final result can be seen within 2-3 months after the complex of procedures.

The ideal result of facelift according to the author’s technique of Maxim Ivanchuk is the most natural and fit face. This surgical procedure almost completely eliminates the unwanted effects of time and environmental influences. After a facelift, women not only look, but also feel much younger than their age.

Name of operation Hospital stay Price
Facelifting (cat’s eye) with gluing the seam 1 day 6000 €


  • 1


    The doctor will examine your face and determine the areas where you need a facelift.

  • 2


    This is a mandatory procedure before the operation. Its purpose is to determine whether the patient has possible contraindications.

  • 3


    Together with a plastic surgeon, you will determine a convenient date and schedule an operation.

  • 4


    On day X, you will visit the clinic to try the facelift effect.

  • 5


    During this period, the doctor will always be in touch with you. You must follow all his recommendations to recover as quickly and painlessly as possible after surgery.

Who performs the operation

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