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Abdominal plastic surgery: a good figure is possible

Abdominal plastic surgery is one of the most complex, but also the most common types of plastic surgery. Problematic abdomen – an area of the body, to restore the beautiful shape and appearance of which with the help of sports and proper nutrition is the most difficult. As a result, many have to go for surgery to tighten the abdomen.

Some real stories of our patients

Abdominal plastic surgery is of different types, namely:

  • Abdominoplasty. Is the removal of excess skin of the abdomen, giving it the desired shape. Surgery is often indicated for women whose body has not recovered after pregnancy, or for those who have lost weight too quickly.
  • Liposuction. Surgery to remove excess fat, which is shown to people whose stomach is a problem area and who can not lose weight on their own.
  • Liposculpture. Operation to model a beautiful figure, including – and the abdomen. During it, manipulations are performed on different areas of the body to form harmonious proportions. This plastic is shown to people who have complex problems.

The IVANCHUK Plastic Surgery Clinic is ready to undertake all these operations. Liposuction and abdominoplasty are common for the doctor of this clinic, so you can be sure that you will be operated on by a truly experienced surgeon. Also here will make removal of an apron of a stomach.

In addition, the founder of the clinic Maksym Ivanchuk constantly takes advanced training courses abroad and sends his employees to them. This allows to achieve the best results in Ukraine.

What can be a contraindication?

If you want a sporty belly, plastic surgery may be a good option. But there are the following contraindications:

  1. Heart failure.
  2. Diabetes mellitus or hypertension.
  3. The presence of scars in the area to be operated on.
  4. Plans to get pregnant soon.

As well as a number of other contraindications.


Name of the transaction Hospital stay
Mini Abdominoplasty 2 days 3 500 €
Complete abdominoplasty 2-3 days 5 500 €
Sports liposuction of the abdomen and waist, subscapular area (depending on the amount of subcutaneous fat) 1 day 6 500-8 000 €


  • 1


    Needed to determine the extent of the problem and form an idea of ​​future results.

  • 2


    The necessary stage to identify possible contraindications and features of the organism.

  • 3


    It is important that you have a few days off after it.

  • 4


    Carrying out the surgical intervention itself.

  • 5


    For several months after the operation, you will need to be regularly examined by a doctor to check the results and the course of recovery.

Who performs the operation

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