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Body plastic surgery: feel love for yourself

Plastic surgery is a common way to get the body you’ve been dreaming of all your life. In the recent years, plastic surgery has reached a new level, and not only has become more affordable, but also significantly expanded the range of its capabilities.

Appearance is an indisputably important part of everyone’s life. And due to various features of the body, life situations and other reasons, it does not always suit us 100%. And if there is no chance to change it naturally, body plastic surgery will always come to the rescue.

Some real stories of our patients

When should you think about body plastic surgery?

Anyone who is not satisfied with their appearance in one way or another may become interested in body plastic surgery. It is extremely important to maintain high self-esteem and self-confidence, so do not reject this option immediately. Feeling this confidence, you will begin to live completely differently.

In particular, body plastic surgery can help with:

  1. Impossibility to lose weight through sports.
  2. Types of figure that do not suit a person.
  3. Age changes.
  4. Impossibility to recover after childbirth.
  5. Changes in appearance caused by accidents.

And also in many other situations.

Are there any contraindications?

Plastic surgery is a serious matter, and there is  a number of contraindications to plastic surgery. These include:

  • Pregnancy and lactation.
  • Cancer.
  • Diabetes mellitus and hypertension.
  • Serious insufficiency of any of the organs.

And also some other points which can lead to impossibility of carrying out operation. Contraindications should not be ignored, as it can be dangerous to your health.

What kind of plastic can be done at the IVANCHUK Plastic Surgery Clinic and why should you apply here?

IVANCHUK Plastic Surgery Clinic is an advanced center of plastic surgery, known as one of the best in Ukraine.

Here we are ready to help you get rid of many flaws in appearance that prevent you from enjoying life to the fullest.

In particular, the following operations will be performed here:

  • Plastic buttocks.
  • Liposuction of hands (and other parts of the body – legs, abdomen, buttocks).
  • Liposculpture.
  • As well as many other operations that will allow you to feel love for your body and self-confidence.

IVANCHUK Plastic Surgery Clinic is an ideal place for plastic surgery due to the advanced techniques used during plastic surgery. The clinic’s doctors regularly attend training abroad, and the equipment used here is in line with the latest trends in global plastic surgery.

The doctors of the clinic will also make sure to fully accompany the patient from the first consultation until the last day of rehabilitation. With IVANCHUK Clinic you will change your life for the better.

Name of the transaction Hospital stay
Gluteoplasty previous generation of implants 1 day. 5 500€
Gluteoplasty with a new generation of implants (does not compete) 1 day. 7 500€
Buttock lipofilling 1 day. 2 500€
Liposuction of hands 1 day. 1 600-2 400 €
Liposuction of the back, subscapular region 1 day. 1 500-2 200 €
Liposuction of the knees 1 day. 100-1 400€
Liposuction of the outer surface of the thighs (breeches) 1 day. 2 000-2 800 €
Liposuction of the inner surface of the thighs 1 day. 1 800-3 200 €
Liposuction of sciatic folds 1 day. 1 400-1 800 €
Brachioplasty (tightening of the skin of the hands) with suturing 1 day. 5 800€


  • 1


    During it, together with your doctor, you can determine exactly what body modifications you would like to do. The doctor will also create a computer model of the future result so that you can clearly see how beautiful your body will be after the operation.

  • 2


    Needed to identify contraindications: without it you will not be admitted to surgery.

  • 3


    At repeated consultation you choose day X convenient for you and for the doctor.

  • 4


    On the selected day, a body plastic surgery is performed. Usually lasts up to 2-3 hours.

  • 5


    Depending on the complexity and type of operation may take different time and have a different nature. All this time you will be under the supervision of a doctor.

Who performs the operation

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