Botox: your way to stay young

The human body changes with age – this is a natural process associated with aging. The skin loses elasticity, the muscles weaken, and the appearance suffers as a result. Wrinkles appear, the body loses its attractive appearance.

However, thanks to modern methods of plastic surgery, this process can be slowed down.

Botulinum therapy is one of the popular ways to maintain an attractive young appearance for as long as possible. Botox is an injection of botulinum toxin that is injected under the skin and reduces the mobility of some muscles. Most often, Botox is made for the face, it prevents the rapid aging of the skin and smoothes existing wrinkles in problem areas.

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What areas can be corrected with Botox?

The most common procedures are Botox injections in the following areas:

  • Botox under the eyes. The thin skin in the eye area is one of the first to age due to the fact that this area also has a large number of facial muscles. Botulinum toxin can slow down the aging process of the face.
  • Botox on the forehead. There are also clusters of facial muscles on the forehead that form facial wrinkles, especially noticeable with a surprised facial expression.
  • Botox for lips. It will allow you to relax the muscles that are involved in the smile and in the process of conversation.
  • Botox in the armpits. It not only makes the area more beautiful, but also reduces the excessive sweating that occurs with age. Botox treatment of hyperhidrosis is a very popular procedure at the moment.
  • Botox in the eyebrows. When you are gloomy, two noticeable wrinkles are formed in the area of ​​the nose. Injections solve this problem.

Botox can also solve some other problems, but it’s worth talking directly with your plastic surgeon. The IVANCHUK Plastic Surgery Clinic will help you identify areas that need to be corrected with botulinum toxin.

Who is shown Botox?

Who needs wrinkle injections? The list of answer options is quite wide. Botox is not only suitable for those who are long over 40 – the preconditions for the appearance of wrinkles begin to appear much earlier. Stress, lack of sleep and poor nutrition often lead to premature aging of both skin and internal organs.

If you are very worried about your appearance, you should contact the IVANCHUK Plastic Surgery Clinic for a consultation. Here’s how to determine if you need a wrinkle injection right now.

If you are interested in the pros and cons of Botox, you should also think about the contraindications to the procedure.

Their list includes the following:

  1. Cancer.
  2. Poor blood clotting.
  3. Pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  4. Individual intolerance to botulinum toxin or protein allergy.
  5. Inflammation of the areas of skin intended for injections.

And also some others. To find them in your body, you will need to be examined before the procedure.

What is the procedure?

If you decide to raise your eyebrows with Botox, or other changes in appearance with Botox injections, you should know exactly how the procedure will take place.

In fact, everything is quite simple. You will not need to go through anesthesia for botulinum therapy, as the procedure is almost painless and does not affect vital organs. You will be conscious while the doctor improves your appearance.

Removal of facial wrinkles will be as follows: the plastic surgeon will insert a needle into the pre-decontaminated area and begin to gently inject botulinum toxin. You may feel a slight discomfort, but no more.

Do you need rehabilitation after Botox injections?

For the first time after the procedure, there may be some swelling and bruising at the injection site, but unlike invasive therapy and plastic surgery, botulinum therapy is almost harmless to the body. In a week or two you will no longer feel discomfort, the appearance will also return to normal. But the result of the procedure itself will last long enough, making you happy every day when you approach the mirror.

IVANCHUK Clinic: the best place for botulinum therapy

The IVANCHUK Plastic Surgery Clinic will be happy to remove wrinkles with botulinum therapy. Here you will be helped to get rid of skin defects around the eyes, nose, lips and other areas.

But the main thing is different: this clinic is recognized as one of the best in Ukraine. Its founder – Maxim Ivanchuk – monitors the regular training of its employees, as well as updating the database of equipment used. The clinic follows the trends in the world of plastic surgery and is ready to provide all the necessary conditions for the action of botulinum toxin to be exactly as you expect.

In addition, specialists will accompany you as their patients from the first admission to the clinic and until the end of rehabilitation. Also, you can always come here in case of any questions about the correction of your appearance: the IVANCHUK Plastic Surgery Clinic will be happy to make you beautiful!

Operation name Price
Botox Allergan (frontal area) 90€
Botox Allergan (between the eyebrows) 60€
Botox Allergan (“crow’s feet”) 60€
Botox Allergan® 1 unit 4€
Amalian 24 Germany (duration up to a year, does not cause edema) 185€
Amalian 20 (duration up to 9 months) 165€



  • 1


    Together with the doctor you will determine the specific purpose of botulinum therapy and see the future result with a special simulation program used in our clinic.

  • 2


    This stage is not to be missed, as it is vital for your health that you do not have any contraindications to botulinum toxin injections.

  • 3


    Leave yourself a couple of days off to rest after the procedure, so that the swelling has time to go down.

  • 4


    The procedure itself will take some time. The IVANCHUK clinic will do everything so that you do not have time to notice how fast it passed!

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    The body needs some time to recover after interfering with its structure. Clinic doctors will advise you during this period.

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