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Consulting a plastic surgeon is the first step towards yourself

Appearance is an important aspect of human life. Despite the importance of the inner world, the first impressions of others are about your appearance. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you always look neat and tidy. However, sometimes this alone may not be enough. There is  a number of small congenital and acquired defects of appearance, which are difficult to call catastrophic, but which, nevertheless, people  would like to get rid of. There is plastic surgery for this. It allows persons to get the look they always dreamed of. This, in turn, allows you to feel confident and start a new life.

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But where to start?

You can start small: the choice of clinic. You can do this by reading reviews about plastic surgeons in Ukraine. An excellent option is the IVANCHUK Plastic Surgery Clinic in Kyiv. It is recognized as the place  where the best plastic surgeon in Ukraine works.

How to make an appointment with a plastic surgeon?

Thanks to modern technology, it’s pretty simple. You can choose one of the convenient options: call the phone number listed on the site, come to the clinic and talk to the administrator, or use one of the communication channels on the Internet. We will be happy to help you choose a convenient date for the reception.

How important is the doctor’s consultation?

Often people are afraid to see a plastic surgeon. But if you have already decided – there is nothing to be ashamed of. Consultation with a plastic surgeon is the first stage in preparation for surgery.

During the consultation, the doctor will talk to you about what exactly you would like to correct in your appearance, as well as examine you and determine how realistic your expectations are.

The doctor will also make a computer model of the expected result. It is worth trusting a plastic surgeon: with long experience, because you  can choose the perfect version of the changes in your appearance.

You will then be sent for tests: this is a mandatory step in preparation for surgery. There is  a number of contraindications due to which the operation will have to be postponed or canceled altogether, as it will be dangerous for your health. To detect the presence of such contraindications in you will help the tests.

After receiving tests results, you should re-enroll in a plastic surgeon so that he chooses the optimal type of surgery for your body.

Why should I have an operation at the IVANCHUK Clinic?

IVANCHUK Plastic Surgery Clinic works with a number of areas:

  • Mammoplasty.
  • Correction of the shape of the nose and ears.
  • Correction of age changes and changes in facial proportions.
  • Shape correction and figure modeling.
  • Intimate plastic surgery.

This is a very wide range of services and not every clinic will be ready to provide all of them. In addition, online consultation with a plastic surgeon is possible here.

It is also important that the clinic employs top-level professionals: the doctor is constantly improving his skills abroad. The equipment also meets the latest trends in global plastic surgery. The IVANCHUK Plastic Surgery Clinic will do everything to make you feel beautiful!

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