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Facial plastic surgery: surgery that will make you confident

Plastic surgery is becoming increasingly popular: it allows people to get rid of congenital and acquired defects of appearance, and get closer to their ideal. Facial plastic surgery is especially popular.

Facial plastic surgery allows you to make the contours of the face clearer, get rid of age-related wrinkles, slightly change the shape of the lips, nose or eyes, as well as make many other improvements.

The fact is that over the years, facial skin, like other parts of the body, begins to lose its shape and attractive appearance. To combat this, various operations and procedures are used: they allow you to keep your youth for as long as possible.

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Facial surgery can be performed at the IVANCHUK Plastic Surgery Clinic. There are different types of operations in this area, and in this clinic are ready to do the vast majority of them.

In particular, this list includes the following facial operations:

  • Contour plastic. It allows you to make the contours of the face more expressive, thus giving it a younger and more attractive look.
  • Lipofilling. This operation is aimed at moving to certain areas of the face adipose tissue in case they are not enough. This allows you to make the face look younger.
  • Removal of Bisha lumps. Bisha’s breasts are special fat deposits on the face that participate in the formation of its structure. They got their name thanks to the scientist who discovered them – Marie Francois Bisha. They are removed surgically, making the face more clearly defined.
  • Facelift. Surgery can greatly rejuvenate you if you already have age wrinkles. Thanks to the lift, you will be able to get rid of the problem of sagging skin, which looks unsightly.
  • Smas lifting. This technique allows you to lift the face without surgery.

In addition, the clinic uses the author’s methods of Maxim Ivanchuk – the founder of the institution. Namely – Lifting the lower third of the face, which allows you to achieve maximum results and significantly change the face for the better. They also resort to facelifting – a procedure that leaves no scars, but has a permanent effect and allows you to recover fairly quickly.

The author’s method of face modeling is another innovation of Maksym Ivanchuk. It consists of a series of procedures (about 15), after which you are unlikely to recognize your reflection in the mirror, but you will definitely be most satisfied with the result.

The IVANCHUK Plastic Surgery Clinic will provide you with all the necessary conditions to ensure that your preparation, the operation itself and the rehabilitation after it are as comfortable as possible.


Name of operation Hospital stay Price
Circular facelift 1 day. 6 000-10 000 €
Lifting 2/3 of the face and neck (smas) according to the Mendeleev method with gluing the seam 1 day. 6 500€
Lifting 1/3 of the face and neck 2 days. 4 500€
Lifting the middle area of ​​the face 2 days. 4 100€
Raising eyebrows 1 day. 4 100€
Forehead lift 2 days. 4 100€
Temporal area tightening 1 day. 4 100€
Neck lift 3 days. 4 500€
Lifting the anterior surface of the neck with lipoaspiration 2-3 days. 6 500€
Liposuction of the chin with the outline of the lower chin area and the allocation of the angle of youth 1 day. 1 500€
Lipofilling of the face – one area depending on the volume (chin, nasolacrimal, etc.) 1 day. 900€-950€
Lipofilling of the chin 1 day. 800€
Removal of lumps Bisha 1 day. 600€
Chin prosthesis 1 day. 3 200€
Smas-lift 1/3 face 1 day. 4 500 €
Smas-lift 2/3 of the face 1 day. 6 500 €
Facelifting (cat’s eye) with gluing the seam 1 day. 4 100 €
Plasticity of the upper lip with gluing of a seam 1 day. 1 200€
Plastics of the lower lip 1 day. 1 200€
Liposuction (lipofilling) of nasolabial folds with redistribution of fat packages 1 day. 1 800€
Juvederm®Ultra3, contains 0.3% lidocaine 1 syringe 1 ml 170€
Juvederm®Ultra4, contains 0.3% lidocaine 1 syringe 1 ml 180€
Juvederm®Ultra Smile, contains 0.3% lidocaine 1 syringe 0.55 ml 130€
Juvederm® Volift, contains 0.3% lidocaine 1 syringe 230€
Juvederm® Volbella, contains 0.3% lidocaine 1 syringe 230€
Juvederm® Voluma, contains 0.3% lidocaine 1 syringe 230€
Hyaluronidase (dissolve hyaluronic acid) 70€
Corners of youth (by injection) 820€
Hyalstyle Regular ® 1 syringe 165€
Hyalstyle Forte ® 1 syringe 1ml 185€
Hyalstyle Smile ® 1 syringe 1ml 140€
Amalian 24® 1 syringe 1ml 180€


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    During the consultation, you and your doctor determine which procedure you will need and whether it is necessary.

  • 2


    This is an important part of preparation for plastic surgery, as there is a number of contraindications that may prohibit surgery. At inspection you can find them.

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    Depending on the type of operation, different recovery times are required. Therefore, it is important that you have a few days off after the date of the procedure.

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    Most often it takes a little time - up to 2-3 hours.

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    After a series of procedures, you will have to recover for a few weeks: the swelling should go away and the sutures should heal. At this time, it is important for you to be under the supervision of a doctor to monitor the current condition of your face.

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