Liposuction of the chin with the delineation of the lower chin area and the selection of the angle of youth

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Liposuction of the chin with the delineation of the lower chin area and the selection of the angle of youth – the only one of its kind author’s method of plastic surgeon Maxim Ivanchuk, the development of which took several years.

Some real stories of our patients

Nowadays, in the field of plastic surgery, no one has been able to achieve similar results in this direction, because all the intricacies of the operation are not disclosed. This technique is carried out in five important stages:

  1. Chin liposuction – local removal of adipose tissue in the chin.
  2. Outline of the lower zygomatic region – correction of the shape of the cheekbones, lower third of the face.
  3. Highlighting the angle of youth – the formation of a right angle between the chin and neckline.
  4. Lipofilling of the chin – correction of the shape of the chin, removal of age-related changes.
  5. Partial removal of Bisha lumps – partial removal of fat deposits in the cheek area.

Operation “5 in 1” allows you to change not only the appearance of the patient, but also his life. As practice shows, the patients of Maksym Ivanchuk’s clinic are completely delighted with the results of the reincarnation.

Among the main advantages of this procedure – a record short time. Thus, to achieve an excellent result of the author’s technique of a plastic surgeon takes only 30 minutes. It is also worth noting that this procedure is almost painless. After it, patients can not worry about the appearance of severe swelling and discomfort, as this is a temporary phenomenon, and it lasts completely up to 7 days. To heal wounds faster, the patient must wear a special bandage for one week. Also, most of the clients the doctor recommends a course of special massage for faster recovery.

Clinic patients can choose anesthesia at their own discretion: local or general. It is noteworthy that the patient does not have to stay in the clinic for a long time after the operation. In an hour he can safely go home.

The final result of plastic surgery can be seen in 8 months. The effect of the author’s method lasts constantly.

The main feature of this procedure can rightly be considered the complete absence of scars on the face. This operation exceeded all patients’ expectations. It is very popular among the clinic’s clients. For the moment, Maxim Ivanchuk has performed more than 1,000 operations according to the author’s method and made his patients happy.


Name of operation Hospital stay Price
Liposuction of the chin with the outline of the lower chin area and the allocation of the angle of youth 1 day 1 500€


  • 1


    The doctor will examine your face and identify areas where surgery will be needed.

  • 2


    It is necessary to determine the presence or absence of contraindications for surgery.

  • 3


    Together with the doctor you will choose a convenient day for the procedure. It is advisable that you have a few days off to recover from surgery.

  • 4


    On the appointed day, Maxim Ivanchuk will perform the procedure "5 in 1" and will qualitatively improve the appearance of your face.

  • 5


    Needed for your face to recover after surgery. The plastic surgeon will monitor you throughout the recovery period.

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