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Women’s breasts have always been the subject of admiration and a standard of beauty among the fairer sex. Flawless breasts are the dream of every modern woman, but, unfortunately, not everyone can boast of such a treasure. Environmental factors, genetic predisposition, hormone levels – all this affects the shape and size of a woman’s breasts. In the event that by nature you are not allowed to have beautiful tight breasts, mammoplasty comes to the rescue.

Mammoplasty – an operation aimed at improving the aesthetic appearance of the breast, their shape and size, as well as the elimination of congenital and acquired breast defects. For the past ten years, it has been one of the five most popular plastic surgeries, along with liposuction, rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty and otoplasty.

Mammoplasty is considered an aesthetic type of surgery, so most often the decision to change the shape and size of the breast is made by a woman individually, except when the operation must be performed on medical grounds. These include ptosis after pregnancy and lactation, mastectomy (removal of the mammary glands due to certain diseases), various pathologies, defects and asymmetry.

Contrary to popular belief, breast augmentation is considered one of the safest plastic surgeries. It is used by those who wants to change the size of the breast (increase or decrease), the shape of the areola, nipple and increase the elasticity of the skin. This popular procedure can not only change a woman’s appearance, but also raise her self-esteem, rid her of complexes and self-doubt. For the moment , more than 2,000 breast augmentation surgeries have been performed at the Maxim Ivanchuk Clinic. Thanks to the new generation of implants, the breasts look as natural and is natural as possible, which can not but please the patients of the VIP-segment clinic.

Some real stories of our patients

Who is shown mammoplasty?

Indications for breast correction surgery can be both aesthetic and medical. Aesthetic reasons – a woman’s dissatisfaction with the appearance of the breasts, developed against this background of complexes and depression, the desire to return the breasts to their former shape and get rid of existing defects.

A number of medical indications for breast augmentation include:

  • Macropathy – a sharp increase in breast size.
  • Micromastia is a congenital pathology of the breast of a very small size.
  • Ptosis of the mammary glands – too sagging breasts.
  • Involution of the mammary glands – a significant reduction in the size of the mammary glands as a result of lactation.

Types of breast correction

Breast augmentation surgery is the most popular type of breast implant surgery in Maksym Ivanchuk’s clinic. This type of surgery is a breast replacement with breast implants. The endoprosthesis acts as a modeling form, which determines the size of the breast as a result of surgery. It is made of elastic silicone material. In appearance, it resembles a solid capsule with a gel substance inside. It is noteworthy that the average duration of the operation is only 20-25 minutes. During this shortest possible period of time, patients receive the breasts of their dreams.

Breast lipofilling is another breast augmentation surgery where the patient’s own adipose tissue acts as an implant. This technique is considered one of the safest and most revolutionary in the correction of breast shape and size. During the operation, autotransplantation of fat cells is performed using high-tech equipment of the clinic.

Reduction mammoplasty is an operation to reduce the size and shape of the breast. This type of surgery is performed by removing adipose and glandular tissue, as well as excess skin. Reduction mammoplasty is used both for medical and aesthetic reasons, when breast hypertrophy causes serious psychological problems in women.

Contour mammoplasty is a surgical procedure aimed at improving the appearance of the breasts by restoring their shape and size. Most often, contouring is used in case of sagging breast tissue. During the operation, the size of the areola is adjusted, the nipples are moved and the acquired and congenital asymmetry is eliminated.

Reconstructive mammoplasty is an operation to repair a breast damaged as a result of an injury, a failed operation or complete removal of the breast. This procedure is especially popular among women who have undergone mastectomy.

Implant replacement is a plastic surgery that is performed in cases where the patient wants to replace an old implant with a new one (larger or smaller). It is also used in cases where the old implant becomes unusable for certain reasons.

Gynecomastia removal is a type of mammoplasty used for men, in which surgically removed excess fat tissue in the breast.


Preparation for surgery

Preparation for the operation consists of several stages. First, the patient comes for an individual consultation with a doctor. Maxim Ivanchuk listens to the  wishes and gives his own recommendations on what size and shape of the implant is best to choose in this situation.

The next stage is a comprehensive medical examination and tests. This is necessary in order to avoid possible risks in advance and to determine the presence of contraindications to surgery. If the patient does not have any abnormalities, the plastic surgeon appoints the exact date of the operation and tells the patient how to properly prepare for breast augmentation.

Types of implants and methods of their placement

Depending on the shape of the breast the patient wants to get after the augmentation procedure, there are two types of implants: round and teardrop-shaped. Round implants are used in cases when it is necessary to lift the breast, to create a “push-up” effect. Most often, this type is chosen by women after pregnancy, lactation or age. The second implants are called anatomical because they allow you to create the most natural effect of plastic. The teardrop shape completely corresponds to the natural shape of the mammary glands. This type is preferred by young girls who have not yet faced the problem of sagging breasts.

Today, there are three types of incisions to place a breast implant in the breast:

  • Periareolar: incision at the border of the areola and skin.
  • Axillary: incision in the axillary region. Mammoplasty is performed under the muscle, which ensures no damage to the breast tissue. Maxim Ivanchuk prefers this type of accommodation, as it is considered the most correct and aesthetically correct. As a result of the operation, the breasts look very natural and beautiful.
  • Submammary: incision along the folds under the breast. This method is also considered safe because it eliminates tissue injury.

Contraindications to mammoplasty

Breast augmentation surgery is not recommended:

  1. Patients under 18 years of age.
  2. In the presence of benign and malignant tumors in the mammary glands.
  3. During pregnancy and lactation.
  4. In the presence of diabetes mellitus, various types of immunodeficiency, severe chronic diseases, as well as systemic connective tissue diseases.

Rehabilitation period

Breast augmentation surgery is a rather complicated procedure that requires special attention and compliance with all the doctor’s recommendations. On average, the patient’s rehabilitation period lasts about one and a half months. During the recovery, the patient of the clinic is obliged to follow a number of important rules, which can not be ignored. Yes, the woman is forbidden to drink alcohol and smoke for three weeks before and three weeks after the operation; any physical activity, visiting the sauna, solarium and long stay in the sun are also contraindicated. The patient should wear special compression underwear for 6 weeks and refrain from lifting heavy objects (maximum – 2 kg). The first 4 weeks you can sleep only on your back, and only after 3 months you can sleep on your stomach again. If you follow all the doctor’s recommendations, you can not worry about the outcome of the operation and boldly go forward to create the perfect appearance.

Maksym Ivanchuk’s VIP segment clinic uses a unique and unique in Ukraine method of seamless mammoplasty. The plastic surgeon uses a special glue brought from the USA for gluing the seams. It was developed by American scientists on the basis of one of the most famous universities. This glue is able to minimize the patient’s rehabilitation period, as it performs the function of wound healing, and also leaves no scars and visible effects of surgery.

You can learn more about the prices for surgery, as well as whether it is possible to do mammoplasty in installments, in the price list on our website, as well as during a personal consultation with a doctor.

Advantages of the clinic

IVANCHUK is a VIP-segment clinic with the latest equipment, which has no analogues in Ukraine. This is a place where dreams of an ideal body become a reality. The clinic has absolutely everything a patient needs to become happy, beautiful and change their lives for the better:

  • Services of the best specialists – plastic surgeon, cosmetologists, anesthesiologists, rehabilitation specialists.
  • High-tech surgical equipment that meets all European quality standards.
  • Breast implants of the latest generation, tools from the world’s leading manufacturers.
  • Unique suture bonding technology, brought from the States and used exclusively in Ivanchuk’s clinic.
  • Complete patient safety within the walls of the clinic.
  • Fast operations and the most comfortable passage of the rehabilitation period.


Name of operation Hospital stay Price
Mammoplasty – Economy package – suturing, intravenous anesthesia, 1 compression underwear, 2-bed ward (implants motiva USA) 1 day 4 700€
Mammoplasty – VIP package: suturing, gas anesthesia, 2 compression underwear, single room (implants motiva USA) 1 day 6 500€
Replacement of breast implants (up to 450 ml). For larger volumes, the cost is higher 1 day 7 000-8 500 €
Periareolar breast lift 1-2 days 3 300€
Vertical breast lift 1 day 3 500-4 000€
Decrease in the volume of the mammary glands (depending on the ptosis and the volume of the breast) 1 day 3 300-5 000 €
Formation of a nipple-halo complex with gluing of a seam 1 day 1 800€
Nipple correction 1 day 1 400€
Areola correction 1 day 1 800€
Treatment of gynecomastia 1 day 2 900€


  • 1


    During the consultation, Maxim Ivanchuk listens carefully to all the wishes of the future patient. It helps him to determine the size of the breast and the shape of the implants, so that the final result is as natural as possible.

  • 2


    During the consultation, Maxim Ivanchuk listens carefully to all the wishes of the future patient. It helps him to determine the size of the breast and the shape of the implants, so that the final result is as natural as possible.

  • 3


    If the examination did not show the presence of any contraindications in the patient, the final date of mammoplasty is determined.

  • 4


    The breast augmentation procedure is performed at the Maxim Ivanchuk Clinic. The duration of the operation is from 25 minutes.

  • 5


    The first few days the patient remains in the clinic and is monitored by doctors. After that, he can go home and undergo a rehabilitation period in accordance with all the instructions and recommendations of the plastic surgeon.

Who performs the operation

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