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Otoplasty: plastic surgery of the auricle

Otoplasty is a type of plastic surgery aimed at correcting the auricles. In recent years, it has become more popular because it helps to eliminate the defects of the appearance of the ears to varying degrees. At the same time, ear plastic surgery is often not a complicated and expensive operation, so almost everyone can afford it, if necessary.

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What are the indications for ear surgery?

Ear correction is conventionally divided by experts into two types: aesthetic otoplasty and reconstructive. In the first case, the operation is performed to improve the appearance of the auricles, in the second – eliminates congenital, acquired defects and underdevelopment of the human ears.

Indications for different types of otoplasty can be as follows:

  • Flaccidity.
  • Large difference in the size or location of the auricles (more than 3 millimeters).
  • Post-traumatic or congenital absence of part of the ear or complete absence of the auricle.
  • In addition, there is plastic earlobe – a change in its shape and size depending on the proportions of the face and the wishes of the patient. But the correction of flaccidity is especially popular – a significant part of the world’s population faces this problem.

How is the operation performed?

Depending on the type of defect you want to eliminate, the method by which the operation will be performed will also differ.

There are the following techniques:

  • Traditional otoplasty. It includes suture otoplasty, seamless otoplasty and notch otoplasty. In the first case, the doctor applies sutures to the inside of the ear, in the second they are not needed, in the latter the ear is formed by making notches on the cartilaginous tissue of the auricle.
  • Laser otoplasty. A more modern technique that can reduce the risk of postoperative complications, as well as significantly increases the accuracy of the operation.
  • A separate point should be the correction of children’s ears. The child can be operated on from 6-7 years of age – at the time of reaching this age, the tissues and cartilage of the auricles reach 85% in their development, so the operation will not be harmful.

Postoperative rehabilitation

As with any other plastic surgery, it will take some time for the ear to recover after the plastic surgery.

Unlike a number of other similar operations, recovery after a change in the shape of the ears takes very little time – about a week. On the first day, a person may experience severe pain, which is advised to eliminate with the help of analgesics. Also in the first days, to avoid the development of infections and inflammation, it may be necessary to take a course of anti-inflammatory drugs. In a week you will almost forget that you recently had surgery.

Monitoring in the clinic will be carried out before the end of six months after surgery.

Advantages of otoplasty in the IVANCHUK plastic surgery clinic

IVANCHUK Plastic Surgery Clinic is a leading center not only in Kyiv, but throughout Ukraine. Otoplasty is one of the profiles in which local plastic surgeons are achieving significant success.

Here you can get:

  1. Correction of deafness.
  2. Reconstructive plasticity of the auricle.
  3. Ear lobe correction.
  4. As well as other types of surgeries on your ears.

The latest equipment is an excellent feature of the clinic. Every year, clinic renews its arsenal in order to keep up with modern world trends in plastic surgery. IVANCHUK Plastic Surgery Clinic is a place where your ears will change beyond recognition!

Name of operation Hospital stay Price
Open primary rhinoplasty 1 day. 4 000€
Otoplasty without suturing 1 day. 2 200 €
Otoplasty with gluing of a seam 1 day. 3 000 €


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    Identify the problem and the method by which you will fight it.

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    Will help identify possible contraindications.

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    Choosing a convenient date for you and the doctor.

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    Surgical intervention.

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    Your manipulations and control of the doctor to restore the health and appearance of the ears after plastic surgery.

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